What if you could

instantly access the wisdom of the ages 

and  the best possible guidance for you ?


You can when you learn how!

A Powerful Virtual Training Program
For Accessing The Answers You Seek

First Program To Release In 2020!


Tapping Into The Best Possible Answers To Questions Like:

  • What does my soul want me to know about _________ ?
  • Do I have a Spirit Guide and how can I benefit from that broader perspective?
  • Why did _________ happen the way it did, and what can I learn and do about it?
  • What do I need to see, so _________ can be easier and more fulfilling?
  • I really want _______! What’s the best possible way for me to have it?
  • What would an expert _______ do this in situation?

Imagine if ...

 this guidance and so much more … was available  to you 24/7 … anytime you wanted to understand something in a higher/broader way?

It's So Powerful!

This program is based on  decades of  teaching these practices at workshops and now it’s available online to learn in the comfort of your own home … and at a not-to-be-missed New year 2020 price!

It’s our gift to you!

You’ll Learn How To Receive The Absolute Best Guidance So You Can:

  • Develop And Strengthen your intuitive and psychic abilities and receive the best possible guidance for you!
  • Deepen your understanding of life and your place/purpose in it.
  • Flow higher perspectives and support to finish that book you've been wanting to write.
  • Discover the best possible ways to easily align with what matters to you!
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels and your Highest Self.
  • Continue to grow in consciousness in a way that is best suited to you!
  • Access Universal Consciousness to develop new ideas, get creative inspiration and ...

Get The Best Guidance To The Answers You Seek!

Your Virtual Training Includes These Modules:


Learn The Powerful 5-step Process

Learn the 5 key steps for connecting with your best guidance and the crucial differences between thinking and receiving, and why that matters!


Aha Moments And More Ease

Discover the fastest way to clear the channel, what to do when the "thinking mind" gets in the way and amazing tools to quickly connect.


Conversation With Your Soul

Discover your soul's perspective for getting the most out of this program and using the Automatic Sacred Writing Process.


Expanding Your Receptivity

Discover more powerful tips and techniques for clearing "blocks", expanding flow, and preparing the space.


Your Guide

Meet and get to know your Automatic Sacred Writing Guide. Discover what's possible as this relationship expands!


Asking Powerful Questions

Learn more about "higher perspectives" and the impact on your life, and the essential aspects of powerful questions and why that matters!

So ...

Your At-Home Virtual Training Includes:

  1. Powerful Video and Audio Training
  2. A Step-By-Step Program Guide
  3. Guided Meditations/Attunements And  Practices
  4. Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Accessing  Information From Spirit Guides, Soul/Higher-Self  and so much more.

You also get Instant Acess to all these resources, as soon as you register. So, you can get started right away and follow along at your own pace! 

client Comments

This program is based on  decades of  teaching these practices at workshops.  And now it’s available for you in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace!

"What an amazing experience. I have worked with Elari and Alex over the past five years. Each time I work with them, I am amazed. They are definitely a visionaries who pass their transformative teachings onto their clients. Thank you!"
Linda Simon
Palm Harbor, FL
"What a wonderful experience. Things I didn't even think were possible are now possible. I am amazed by how much wonderful stuff is showing up in my life now! Thank you!"
Shelly Norris
Virginia Beach, VA
"This program was even more than I hoped for. I finished the program with enthusiasm. For those on a similar journey, I highly recommend the experience of this program.
Omaha, NE

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