A Modern-Day Blueprint for Living with Clarity, Purpose And Joy

This program will show you exactly how to:
  • Live On Purpose so you can create more of what you want in life.
  • Be powerfully focused on what matters most to you from a soul level. 
  • Celebrate and freely express your originality regardless of other people's opinions or the past.  
  • Transform whatever is stopping you or slowing you down from shining your light as brightly as you can!

See Who
You Truly Are

In order to live on purpose, you must first see who you truly are! As we’re socialized, we hear a lot of opinions about who we are, and what success is. This is why people so often get trained out of their own guidance system and are present to only a small portion of how powerful and magnificent they truly are

Yet, there is always a part of you that’s calling you toward something more, toward what is authentically and powerfully you! Which is why Module 1 is all about who you are! Imagine having the kind of Self Awareness that uplifts and delights you, that allows you to consistently live with clarity, purpose and joy! This is the place to start!

“The power is within you!”

Honor Your Heartfelt Dreams
& Desires

Your heartfelt dreams and desires are the language of your soul, calling you forth to who you truly are! So, module 2 is all about getting clear about what you really want, and what your dreams and desires are telling you about you!  

This is the week you learn where you want to invest your energy, and how to choose the right goals for you!  You don’t ever have to be stopped, or feel trapped. You don’t have to wonder; is this it, is this all there is? Instead, you know what you want, and you can let yourself have it!

You … Clear and Powerful!

Imagine The Absolute Best

Imagine the best for yourself and your life!

The imagination is one of the most powerful gifts we’ve been given. As Einstein said; it’s more important than knowledge. Yet many people unknowingly use their imagination against themselves! If you’ve ever felt worry or fear, that’s what those emotions were telling you! 

This training is all about your freedom. You’ll learn how to rise above what’s  unwanted, frustrating, intimidating, or unclear … so you can shine with deeper confidence and knowing.  You’ll also learn how to smoothly move into the type of action, that’ll  produce the results you truly want.

Now is what matters!

In order to live a clear and purposeful life, you must embrace the current moment with a powerful level of awareness, from who you truly are!

In module 4, you will learn how to be more present and purposeful in the moment, on a day-to-day basis. This gives you access to empowering ideas and soul-nourishing guidance, as it also opens you up to a more adventurous and fulfilling way to live.  With presence and purpose, we break the “remember and forget” cycles that keep us from living our dreams, or embracing better habits. 

We also grow in creative mastery —  in our ability to grow, to choose, to listen and to speak with absolute knowing and love!

Embrace an Enlightening way to live!

Enlightenment is often seen as a hard-to-reach static state-of-being that only a few attain, or there’s a myth and fear that we must give up everything we love, in order to have this blissful state.

Well, where’s the fun, logic or power in that?

This is the module where we bring it all together, into a clear and beautiful blueprint that comes from who you truly are, and what you really want to expand in your life now. Throughout the five modules, you’ll be experiencing a powerful, soul-nourishing blueprint that supports consistent clarity, purpose and joy!

You Living with Greater Clarity, Purpose and Joy!

Happy Comments:

"Your ability to see what really matters to you, and to live from that understanding, is what brings out the best in you. It’s the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life. Elari shows you how to unlock your true potential."
Author The Way to Wealth Solana Beach, CA
“I see that possibilities are unlimited. I loved the support, and I am so clear now. I really appreciated the shared experiences too! This was such a powerful program and I would highly recommend it to anyone!”

Virginia Beach, VA
This was more than I hoped for. I see myself as never before, and I now have powerful tools for living on purpose. I finished the program with enthusiasm for the person I am. I give it a rating of a sky full of stars!
Karen Ezell
Awesome Being Omaha, NE

At The End of This Program You Will Know Exactly How To:

  • Choose from a powerful fuel source, from your Divine Inner Being, so you can be on purpose(if we don’t get this, we can spend years in spin cycles and patterns of stopping and starting).
  • Be more confident and decisive about your choices , what you want and your best way to create that!
  • Have a simple, highly effective blueprint, so you can consistently show up as your best self!
  • Say goodbye to unwanted drama and the stuff that makes life feel hard, so you can ...
  • Live with greater purpose, clarity and joy!


How To Harmonize With Inspiration and Ease Instead of Trying To Motivate Yourself

If you’re tired of pushing yourself to get things done, or are making yourself wrong for procrastinating, you’re going  love this  powerful training module. It helps you quickly get to the heart of the underlying issue, so you use inspiration and ease rather than the energy of force. This is a very powerful shift that will give you so much more ease joy in your daily life. (Value: $97)

Are You Ready? 

Check in with your Higher Guidance about the amazing breakthroughs that will emerge for you, as you participate in this program! If you feel a YES, then take action now, before you lose that powerful choice  to “busyness”, or disempowering mental chatter that often says no, when our hearts are telling us yes!

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